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Caregiver's Homemade Weight Gain Shake

May 14, 2018 by Joseph Karch

Homemade Weight Gain Shake

When thinking of the familiar terms weight control and diet, most individuals are reminded of a scenario in which they strive to tailor a personal diet conducive to shedding unwanted pounds.  Weight loss may be the most common weight control scenario sought in mainstream American society, but when it comes to Senior Care, or In-Home care via a Caregiver weight control can mean just the opposite. It is important to maintain a healthy weigh, but in many cases being able to gain enough weight for healthy body function can be just as much of a struggle as losing it.

 In the world of In-Home Senior Care, as Caregivers we are familiar with many of the various diseases, and eating challenges accompanied, that prevent a body from receiving the amount of calories required to live a more comfortable life.

One of the greatest challenges noted in Care Logs by Caregivers, talking of individuals that struggle with eating challenges, is that of finding high calorie foods that are palatable for those with little appetite, or finding foods that are easy to swallow without the risk of choking.

 Individuals who may be suffering with speech and swallowing deficiencies may more often turn to alternative or supplemental food sources. Certain high calorie “supplemental shakes” or “nutrition drinks” are the common alternate choice for these individuals. These products are ideal because they are usually described as more palatable, and have an ideal consistency for those with swallowing challenges.  Although beneficial and conducive to weight control, these products can often times be too pricey, or hard to obtain.

One Comfort Keepers Caregiver and his client of Redding, California, being caught in this conundrum, through a little research on weight gain nutrition and advice from health professionals invented their own simple homemade recipe for a “Weight Gain Shake”. The Caregiver was even able to use nutritional references to break down the rough nutritional facts. He shares the recipe here:

Homemade Weight Gain Shake

This recipe requires a powdered protein supplement (most of which can be purchased in bulk)

Makes 2 ½ Servings

In a blender combine:

-1/2 cup of frozen strawberries, blackberries, or blueberries

-1/2 cup vanilla ice cream

-1 medium sized banana

-1 serving of protein powder supplement (as indicated by the product manufacturer)

-1/2 cup of whole milk yogurt

-2 cups of whole milk

Blend all ingredients until desired consistency is reached.

Large batches may be made and frozen for ready-to-thaw drinks


Estimated Nutrition Facts (based on average caloric needs):

1 serving (about 2 cups)

-687 total calories

-20 grams of fat (22% daily value)

-40 grams of protein (58% daily value)

-84 grams of carbohydrates (32% daily value)

-20 grams of dietary fiber (16% daily value)

Each individual Senior will have a unique set of dietary needs, or even maybe restrictions, thus each individual Caregiver will have a unique opportunity to accommodate. This recipe can be altered to fit each person’s own preferences or particular needs. In the case of the Client mentioned above, this particular shake was attributed to contribute to the success of his weight control goals.

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