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Searching for a Caregiver in Redding? Demand the Best

Dec 11, 2017 by Jerry Kea

One of the truisms in the world of Nature

                                                  is that the strong prey on the weak. Tragically, the human species is not exempt from this form of behavior. Even history bears out that one of the greatest atrocities of mankind are the abuse of power.

In this great country where goodness and decency flourish, we, of course, witness those who can and do take advantage of others. Even though this is true in all professions and industries, nowhere is it more apparent than at places serving the young and the elderly. News stories are common place in our Redding community of poor quality service and even abusive activity in daycare centers, nursing homes, scams ready to take rob you blind, neglectful in-home caregivers etc.

So, considering the above, if you are seeking to find a quality in-home caregiver here in Redding for dad-or whomever- how can the one right for you be found? Here are a few tips:

Set the Bar High

When it comes to care services for loved ones, you deserve and should expect the highest standard. This means caregivers who possess a sterling character, have genuine love for others, find true joy in caregiving, are totally competent in every task (personal care to running simple errands), have a strong work ethic, and are faithful as the sun rising. Accept nothing less.

Use the System to your Advantage

Hire only those who are registered with the state of California Health and Human Services Agency. The state now takes a final look at criminal background checks and requires an ongoing standard of continuous training before releasing in-home caregivers to the work place. 

Similarly, demand they be bonded and insured.  In reality, in almost all instances, such protections will be found only among Redding caregivers working for licensed in-home care agenciesFor that matter, there are differences even among agencies. Make sure they have a strong reputation in the Redding community before moving forward.

Get Your Expectations and a Commitment from them in Writing

Leave nothing to chance. Ensure that you have in writing absolute clarity in terms of the quality of care you expect and the commitment to these expectations from the care provider. If using an agency, request that information be sent detailing the care services provided. The care provider will need their expectations of you, as well. Contracts are everybody’s friend.

Ask for a Replacement Caregiver if His/Her Needs are Unmet

You, of course, will always want to avoid micro management and unrealistic and unnecessary demands. On the other hand, if the caregiver performs below the bar or the chemistry between you and that individual is not acceptable, ask for an alternate that will fulfill what has been agreed.

While the caregiver is the in-home care professional, don’t forget-you write the checks. If your money is not counterfeit, then you should expect the “real deal” in the caregiver that takes care of your loved one.

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